The Phase 2 History Museum!

On Thursday, we opened the Phase 2 History Museum for the afternoon, showcasing lots of the wonderful learning from Year 3 and Year 4. In the Year 3 wing of the museum, children and parents could explore hieroglyphic wall art, information about Ancient Egyptian gods and goddess and see a real life Ancient Egyptian mummy! Canopic jars and artefacts were also on show, alongside scientists showcasing a Year 3 science experiment in which we mummified tomatoes to see if they would be preserved.

What was your favourite part of the museum?

What did you learn about the Romans in the Year 4 wing of the museum?

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Reports on Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses!

This week, Year 3 have been busy writing reports about Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses! We want to make sure that our Museum day on Thursday is full of interesting information for parents to read.

One of the goddesses that we have been writing about is the goddess Isis.

Can anyone explain Isis’ backstory? Remember to use fronted adverbials and adjectives.

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Which type of magnet is the strongest?

We need to find the strongest magnet to hold up information on whiteboards during our museum day in the final week!

Our super scientists have been looking into this during Discovery.

How could we investigate which magnet is the strongest?

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Egyptian Embalmers

Last week, Year 3 became embalmers, as part of our Ancient Egypt topic. We re-enacted a mummification ceremony and also mummified tomatoes! A lot of preparation was needed in the run up to Pharaoh Rameses’ mummification ceremony. We created Pharaoh Rameses, sculpted canopic jars and built a pyramid.

We also mummified tomatoes, YUCK! The tomato represents a body and we are going to make observations over time to see what happens. What do you think will happen to the tomato in the next 2 weeks?

Can you remember the mummification process? Why did the Ancient Egyptian people do this?

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I love year 3 teachers are so kind they always want to know what we already know so they don’t have to teach it again.

Daphne, Ross, Ayesha thank you for all the work you have done for us, and trying to challenge us and want to say a huge thank you for Daphne, Jess, Amy, Graca, Karen and my year 3 teachers Ayesha, Ross, Precious thank you  and all my friends would say the same, from all of year 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I like learning about Egypt  because pyramids are very interesting!                 


Who made the first pyramid? 

Image result for pyramid

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Year 3 Discovery Time!

On Friday we were learning through discovery! We were using the skills we had learned throughout the week to help us.

Which was your favourite activity?
What did you learn?

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Ancient Egypt

Our new topic is all about Ancient Egypt!

Tower class came up with some fantastic questions that they would like to find out about Ancient Egypt.

What sources can you use to help you answer your questions?

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Enquiry Week

This week Year 3 have been learning all about Historical Enquiry. We have been looking at different types of evidence and deciding if they are Rich, Relevant and Reliable. This will really help us when we come to learn about Ancient Egypt!

Which source of evidence do you think is richer? Samuel Pepys diary or the painting of The Great Fire of London? Give reasons why.

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Bubbling with excitement!

We welcomed a new member to Tower Class last week. I would like to introduce you to Bubbles the Turtle. Bubbles will be spending each weekend with a different child from Tower Class. Bubbles is extremely excited to spend time with you all and have the opportunity to explore the world. I wonder what adventures bubbles will encounter?

Bubbles spent some time with Saami last weekend. It looks like they both had lots of fun!


What will you do with Bubbles when it is your turn to take him home?

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