Reports on Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses!

This week, Year 3 have been busy writing reports about Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses! We want to make sure that our Museum day on Thursday is full of interesting information for parents to read.

One of the goddesses that we have been writing about is the goddess Isis.

Can anyone explain Isis’ backstory? Remember to use fronted adverbials and adjectives.

8 thoughts on “Reports on Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses!

    • Well some of it was the description/personality and family/relatives were my favourite but backstory what a challenge. We really had to SNOT!

  1. I year 3 we were learning about a god and her name was Isis she was the god of love. there was a story about here in an Egyptian book.

  2. I found writing about Isis was really good fun and
    some people probably know that I love writing so much it is also a bit like when you are doing your strokes on a painting or wen you are doing a lovely Skech. Basically through the whole of my writing I was struggling but I was alright.

  3. Isis had a long, red dress and had long silky hair. she was independent when finding Osiris who was the king of Egypt and he had a limy and green face.

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