The Phase 2 History Museum!

On Thursday, we opened the Phase 2 History Museum for the afternoon, showcasing lots of the wonderful learning from Year 3 and Year 4. In the Year 3 wing of the museum, children and parents could explore hieroglyphic wall art, information about Ancient Egyptian gods and goddess and see a real life Ancient Egyptian mummy! Canopic jars and artefacts were also on show, alongside scientists showcasing a Year 3 science experiment in which we mummified tomatoes to see if they would be preserved.

What was your favourite part of the museum?

What did you learn about the Romans in the Year 4 wing of the museum?

13 thoughts on “The Phase 2 History Museum!

  1. I liked the part in the museum were we laid the potery. I liked them because they almost looked like the real thing. I also learnt some wonderful things about romans. PS the bread from the year four was extremely yummy.

  2. I learnt in the museum that in Roman times they made bread difrent to the bread we make now. I also loved the little village. PS I saw some lovely people.

  3. My favourite part of the tremendous museum was when I got to do the mummy and the pyramid and the books of ancient Egypt and to do the writing

  4. In year 3 we set up a sciences museum as you can see with lots of are amazing work like mummifying a tomato is dose sound a bit weird but trust me it’s truly worth it because if you have not been to are museum you could find out what would happen. There were other things that actually weren’t are’s but it was probably for the extra looks and all that stuff. There were also some clay models and some of them were even mine!

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