Clever Clever Annie Easley

Did you know that Annie Easley was born on April 23rd 1933 and died in 2011 (when she was 78)?

In Tower Class, we have been learning about Annie Easley. She was an amazing, clever rocket scientist!

Annie Easley grew up in a time when she could not be in the same school or restaurants as white people. How upsetting! Even though this was awful, she persevered and became a rocket scientist who designed and created a powerful rocket!

Annie Easley moved to Cleveland. Where is Cleveland and does anyone know why she moved there?

Post by Riyaqq, Tower Class

2 thoughts on “Clever Clever Annie Easley

  1. Super Annie Easley helped NASA before it really became NASA. They also built a NASA rocket and when they first launched the NASA rocket it didnt work, so they persevered until it finally worked!

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