STEAM Week – Geodesic Domes!

This week, Year 3 have become engineers! Veruka Salt has commissioned us to build some geodesic domes to protect her golden egg.

Geodesic domes were originally created by Buckminster Fuller. He discovered that creating a structure made up of lots of trianglular modules made the structure very strong and rigid.

With our engineer learning partner, we used cocktail sticks and gummy sweets to create our prototypes. We first had to measure out 35 60mm sticks and 30 54mm sticks so that we could be ready to build.

The next steps involved following Buckminster Fuller’s design to build up the dome. This was very fiddly and challenging. At so many stages we had to stop, check and redo things. Working with our engineer learning partner meant that we could support eachother, making sure that we stay positive when we get stuck and patiently persevere.

I think you’ll agree that the finished products look amazing!

Why are geodesic domes strong?

What did you find challenging when building your dome? How did you overcome that challenge?


9 thoughts on “STEAM Week – Geodesic Domes!

  1. I found challenging to make triangles because when i was making the triangles they kept on breaking but me and my partner did not give up. We had to take some off and do it again but in the end we done it.

  2. The triangles helps the geodesic dome stand.I find it challenging when we put the geodesic dome together because every time I tried to put the wine gums together with the sticks they would snap.

  3. Making geodesic domes was amazing but we weren’t doing it for fun we had to do it for Veruca Salt. She wanted us to make one for her precious golden egg. We made them out of cocktail sticks that we had to make cetrain lengths and some wine gums.

  4. Making geodoms was incredible and at the end of the day we got to eat some of the gummies. The gummies were some wine gums and they tasted quite good.

  5. I liked doing the geodesic domes because it was challenging, also it kept falling over so it was hard to find mistakes in it. The first part wasn’t very hard but when it was carrying over it got harder and harder. We got help from the people who was finished their work and by the end of the week we completed our own geodesic dome. My favourite thing is when we found out about triangles make it strong. The person who makes A lot of triangular things is called buckminster.

  6. at the start, it wasn’t the easy but we persevered and didn’t give up. it kept on falling and done it by collaborating.

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