Unstoppable Annie!

Annie Easley was a very inspirational woman who sadly died in 2011. She inspired other people to think to themselves ‘this is difficult, but I can do it!’.

Easley was the first black, female rocket scientist. She helped to create a Centaur rocket (a powerful rocket that helped astronauts get into space). She was inspired by people who used to work on some of the earliest computers – the people themselves were called computers back then! They were huge – one computer would take over a whole room.

When she was still in university in Cleveland, her sisters were working with NASA (but it wasn’t called NASA back then – that’s how long ago it was). She then joined NASA as a rocket scientist. Her first launch was in 1962 but it failed. She didn’t give up though! She kept trying until the rockets worked.

Annie Easley is one of the people who inspire me (just like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Who inspires you?

Post by Fatina, London Class

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  1. In year 3 we made geodesic domes four Vuruka salt’s golden egg. We made them out of cocktail sticks and gummies. Did you know?that thay were made by an engener called buckminsterfuller. The teachers wer very impressed with the results of the domes.

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