Discovery Learning – watercolours, Augustus Gloop and Parliament Week

This week during Discovery Learning, we have been learning all about teeth in order to advice Augustus Gloop on how he can take better care of his health. We have also been making some lovely savoury couscous salads to recommend to him.

As we find Quentin Blake’s artwork so inspiring, we have also been developing our sketching skills and watercolour painting skills to create our own work inspired by Quentin Blake.

The research centre has also be full of children exploring Roald Dahl books, finding some of his best character descriptions to help give us ideas before we start writing next week.

As it is Parliament Week, we have also be using our enquiry skills in order to find out all about parliament by working in pairs to complete a quiz,

What a lot of amazing Discovery Learning this week!

Which activity did you find the most challenging? Why?

9 thoughts on “Discovery Learning – watercolours, Augustus Gloop and Parliament Week

  1. I found chalanging in discovery the parlement activity I found it hard beacause we had to look up things on the iPad also beacause I could not copy the writing so I had to make it in a nover way but with the info and that is why I found it hard.

  2. Discovery is amazing because you can do amazing things but like any kind of school there is a nonagoshable but don’t worry it is very fun to do. I found a thing very challenging but it was a few months ago but I still found it very challenging witch was learning how to use a dictionary and all of the hard work paid off because now I know how to use one a bit more which makes it a bit easier for me. Bye the way I love my teacher she is just amazing and her name is
    Aisha. I also love Ross and Daphne if it wasn’t for them discovery would not have been as good as it is now.

  3. When I was making a sketch I love it and I used watercolour to paint it was hard but I don’t give up I persevered through the hole session with my teacher .

  4. Discovery is very fun but the nonagoshables are a bit challenging but who doesn’t like a good old challenge to keep them busy.

  5. when it was discovery time, a group of children where making couscous salad because Augustus was not very healthy and eating too much chocolate.

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