Our own Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Characters

As we build up towards writing our own chapter of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, we have been super creative and generated our own characters.

Our Charlie and The Chocolate Factory characters need to be flawed – just like Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop and Mike Teevee. They need to have a terrible bad habit (or habits!) that the Factory then punishes them for.

We have had great fun creating our characters and I have to say – some of the ideas that the authors in Year 3 have are as good as Roald Dahl’s creations!

Can you describe your Charlie and The Chocolate Factory character?

Don’t forget to tell us about their name, personality, appearance and bad habits!

14 thoughts on “Our own Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Characters

  1. In Year 4, we’ve been doing something similar! We have been reading Scribbleboy by Phillip Ridley (I made a blog post about it so go check it out) and we have planned to make a story like it based on our town Stockwell. Last week, we started to make a setting description of our drab (meaning dull) town. Once we finished that, we moved on to our character description (of our Scribbleboy) using a sentence to link the setting desc. and the character desc. together.

  2. My character is called Himine bossy boots and her bad habit are is to be a bit bossy. She likes to dress very fancy and she rilly likes high heels. You could say she is a bit spoiled. She likes to wear dresses a lot more than clothes and she really likes pink. Himime’s hair is a lite orange just like orange juice. She is very pretty and is only proud of her own work not over people’s. her personality is that she is very happy all the time and she is that she is very bossy as it is in her name. She quite enjoys arts and crafts aswell as drawing. Himine likes to watch dramatic movies and a few other ones to.

  3. My character is called stephany sly she has ginger hair with a black bow she wear a purple dress with a rainbow top under and she wear pink tits at her feet she has bots.

  4. My character is Ella Rich she is spoilt and greedy for things. She has blonde and pink hair, she has a dress and a has fancy shoes. Her bad thing that she did in the chocolate room was she wanted the chocolate river then she wasn’t looking then she fell in the chocolate and there was a shark in it the she went into the shark mouth and died. He dad fell in to save her.

  5. My character is called Elexa HonyBeay she wears a belly top with a golden skirt and wears a cat head band and had pink high heels on and wanted a gummy bear but wiilly wonka said not but she did not cear so she went to eat it and when she open her eye she was a gummy bear and a hole came and sucked her up.

  6. My characters bad habit is getting bees and stining them in the eye and also she likes shouting in people’s ear and kicking them

  7. When the chocolate room was showed i was excited a lollipop changed colour when she put her finger on it, it was amazing. When i ate a gummy bear my hand changed colour.

  8. My character is called Lilly moon and she doesn’t share she is spoilt and gets angry .Her parents gives her what’s she wants nut not get mom

  9. In year three we were leaning all about chocolate and of course Charly and the chocolate factory. One day we had to make are own caricatures and write about them in some paragraphs. We also done some other stuf to do white chocolate and the funny thing was when we were doing a Spanish lesson we had to eat some chocolate and reply in Spanish to say if it was good or bad.

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