Children’s Bookshow Performance

Year 3 were lucky enough to meet the author Käitlin Vainola and illustrator Ulla Saar of the Estonian book ‘Lift’

To begin with, the author read the book in Estonian while an actor translated it into English. Estonian is such a unique language don’t you agree? We were then given the opportunity to create our own characters that may feature in the book and write a brief description about each of them. I was extremely impressed with Year 3’s creativity and drawing skills.


Did you find this trip inspiring? Can you tell us about the characters you created? What animals were they? What were their names?

7 thoughts on “Children’s Bookshow Performance

  1. My favourite part of the book show that we got to colour in a big piece of paper that felt like card. I can still remember what the animales were there was an octopus,squirrels, giraffe, kangaroo, hedgehog and two little white doves.

  2. So basically I rememberer 3(three) animals that live in the floors. However I don’t know whats floors they live in. First that you would have always seen would be the munching giraffe who always munches on grass. Second is the hopping kangeroos who jumps in the lift like a crazy jacking the box and then hurts his friend.third the crazy,tiny headphone headchogs who dances around and listens to cray cray music which sounds like a rock star.

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