What we are learning in Year 3-by Kady-Ann

Charlie and the chocolate factory!

Learning about Charlie and the chocolate factory is great but I want to learn more about it. Watching the film was good I couldn’t believe my eyes. The film is about children winning golden tickets to go to Willy Wonka’s factory and  doing something there not meant to do except for 1, Charlie and his Grandpa Joe their prize is Willy Wonka’s factory to keep. Year 3 went to the chocolate museum it was amazing because we got to have some chocolate! I learnt that in South America that’s were they grow coco beans. We have been making our own character that we will write about.


4 thoughts on “What we are learning in Year 3-by Kady-Ann

  1. I think learning about Charley and the chocolate factory is an amazing topic because we were able to watch the whole of Charley and the the chocolate factory in only a few weeks.we also wentto a chocolate museum and got to try and smell chocolate and coco beans but they smells descusting.

  2. I love learning about Charlie and the Chocolate factory too bad we have to change are topic. I will miss that topic, that’s my favourite.

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