Judaism – The Passover Story (Videos)

During RE Week, Year 3 learnt all about Judaism!

One of the main celebrations that we explored was Passover.

Would you like to learn about the Passover story?

London Class’ Video


Tower Class’ Video


Year 3 – can you explain which food is traditionally served on the Seder Plate and what it symbolises?

4 thoughts on “Judaism – The Passover Story (Videos)

  1. I think that Passover looked really interesting but sadly I wasn’t there anyway’s I like that in the. Passover video you got to hav fun with doing frog actions and all the different movements.

  2. the that they eat on Passover are boiled egg,cracker,rocket,lettuce,salty water,grape juice/wine,a dip that has honey apple nut, another dip,lamb bone and the egg means new life the salty water means the sweat and tears of the slaves the lamb bone means offering to god my friends will tell you the rest……..

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